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A small group of motoring enthusiasts band together to warn fellow drivers about speed traps.

They opt to call themselves the Motorists' Mutual Association.

In response to the zealous police enforcement of driving restrictions, the group organised teams of cyclists who, through a combination of signals and salutes, assisted drivers to stay safe on the roads and avoid punitive penalties.

A month later, as the group established an enthusiastic following among the motoring community, they settled upon a new name (and it was a real keeper). 1914, AA patrols with their bicycles As motoring grew in popularity, we too pushed boundaries to meet the novel needs of our driving customers.

To participate in our business meeting in which the election of trusted servants, group conscience decisions and fellowship takes place, go to Members, the bottom selection, and fill out the form.Please refer to the Chat Room Decorum Guidelines for further information concerning this groups guidelines.The e-AA group attempts to keep our chat room a safe, friendly, AA-oriented 12-Step-focused room.We boast the largest fleet of roadside patrol vans in the UK, kitted out with advanced vehicle technology that gets us to drivers in need – every 9 seconds.And our roadside mobile app, now used by over a million drivers, has innovated new standards in roadside services.

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