Dating old stanley planes

It has been lapped and had a new japanned coating applied and looks great. Note the beaded front knob, and the beautiful proper smaller profile, more curved than later examples, rosewood handle. It will be the highlight of any Stanley plane or antique tool collection. The Rosewood knob and handle are beautiful and from near the end of the era for these. Nice enough for the collection or will be a great user. The mating surface for the frog is flat across the entire width, the frog to body design used between 1874 & 1888 making this plane a type 4 or 5. On types 6 and later it is flat with 2 groove milled into it. This Stanley #1 smooth plane is in fine overall condition. Date: 1930's - 1940's Type of Box: A Record blue cardboard box.Date: 1930's - 1960's Type of Box: A Record straw coloured cardboard box with a blue and yellow label.I know you have a beautiful collection and probably have some useful information to help me.My options are to either purchase a cheap hand plane like Silverline. Restoring does scare me a fair bit but I’d give it a go. It’s not that I necessarily prefer old planes or that I am nostalgic.

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