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“I’m just trying to be independent just like Robert Rodriguez was,” he said. Whenever I meet new people and they discover that I teach film for a living, they invariably ask me: “So what’s your favorite movie?, Jessica Alba of course is one of the most influential actresses (keep reading) of the last decade.Always a good sport, Alba is known for always being sweet, uncomplicated, and for cleverly using her attractiveness in ways that she watches over tightly, never allowing exploitation.Alba starred as super soldier / bicycle messenger who tries to find out about her past while eluding the people who had created her.She’s really great in it, and it might even be her best role.Just think, this may be one of the only times you’ll get a chance to see Lindsay Lohan for the next 90 days! Machete hits theaters on September 3 and is directed by Robert Rodriguez with Ethan Maniquis.You can also see Trejo in Fox’s Predators hitting theaters this Friday, not to mention he was just added to the cast of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

So far he’s struck deals or is in talks to book with chains including Cinemark, Carmike, Harkins, and Megaplex Theatres to run his film ahead of , whose distributor Open Road is owned by top chains AMC and Regal.But to someone who has devoted their livelihood to researching, analyzing, and teaching about moving images, the question is agonizing.Asking me what my favorite movie is is like asking me: “Which of your children do you love the most?20th Century Fox just sent over two exclusive lobby cards featuring new looks at Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba in the upcoming grindhouse release Machete, starring Danny Trejo as the title character, a blade-wielding antihero who first appeared in the mock trailer that was part of 2007’s Grindhouse double feature directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.The previously released not-safe-for-work trailer is to the right.

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