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The British stag party has changed in the past 10 years.

The drink down the pub with dad or your mates is gone.

It is the museum in the world dedicated entirely to sex machines.

If you write or read erotica — it is an awesome place to visit!

You may even have heard of it as the “Church of Bones”: Sedlec Ossuary contains the skeletons of up to 70,000 people, many of whose bones have been used to decorate the chapel.

This old mill has been converted into a full-on cave system using all the fantasy of eccentric Prague artist Reon Argondian.

Lucky me, I discovered this fascinating museum while honeymooning in Prague.

Once my husband and I knew such a place existed, we obviously needed to take a tour.

It's exactly what it sounds like: four floors (with walls painted a sexy lipstick red) dedicated to showcasing the evolution of sex toys.On Christmas, I flew to Prague to spend the holidays with a beautiful and hilarious Estonian girl I had never met—not in person, anyway. On New Year’s, her Russian friends cooked dinner, and we all went out to watch the fireworks on the Charles Bridge. A month earlier, the Estonian girl and I had matched on the dating app, as I was about to board a train for Paris.We talked over the next few weeks and decided on a crazy first date. I realize that one person’s experience doesn’t sum up anything, that even the most colorful anecdotes can’t really rebuff the myth that has crept into the American consciousness: that Tinder—that app wherein users swipe right to choose (or swipe left to reject) potential mates—is a wretched realm for shallow sex addicts, ruining not just monogamy but dating itself.For a large number of stags, visiting a prostitute has also become part of the ultimate lads' weekend. It is not hard to find some of the half a million stag visitors, many British, that the Prague tourist board say visit every year. There was a strip party bus, lap-dancing, and even a brothel that offers free sex provided you agree to be filmed.And many of the British stag groups had at least some, if not all, members buying sexual services.

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So are most people when they vent about Tinder and how it has ruined dating/love/monogamy.

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