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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: a down-on-his-luck kid is suddenly whisked away from his dreary life and enrolled in a fantastical magic school — where all manner of otherworldly adventures await.

But while that bare bones description may conjure visions of Dumbledore and Death Eaters, Syfy's ’ protagonist is a troubled 20-something named Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), who we first met leaving a mental institution, following a severe bout of depression — a testament to the gritty, grounded, altogether more mature world that this show occupies.

Conflict arrises from the beginning when some of the workers haven’t been contributing toward the ticket on a regular basis, and those who have are asked to vote on if they should be included in the winnings.“I think probably the fact that all of these characters have a lot of grey in them,” Anastasia said.

“No one is flawless, no one has it all together, no one has their life sorted out—it’s a real human piece.

I’d never been afforded that opportunity before and it was an extraordinary way to begin this process. What do you love about the character of Quentin Coldwater?

Most people’s critique of the book is that Quentin annoys them. I love that he’s not your classic hero and he’s never really going to be. It’s a more honest and objective look at what it would be like to have magic in the real world because he’s a real person who behaves the way that I think we all would in these types of situations.

is a series about twenty-something students at Brakebills University, a secret school that specializes in magic.

"When we were conceiving of how to do this for television — because, you know, the books span a great period of time in the characters' lives — we aged them up a little bit and they are in graduate school." Gamble says we won't have to wait long to see the fantasy world on the screen — and they're having fun bringing it to life."We see Fillory in the pilot while Quentin reads the Fillory book series.The series, based on Lev Grossman's best-selling trilogy, follows students at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, who have been lucky enough to learn that the magic they grew up reading about actually exists.For fans of the books (or fantasy, or magic and adventure in general), this is VERY EXCITING NEWS. Gamble and Mc Namara are self-identified fantasy and science fiction nerds, respectively, and they came to the series first and foremost as fans of the books."As someone who's a fan of genre and fantasy, I just ordered [The Magicians] off of Amazon because it looked fantastic," Gamble told Buzz Feed.We talked to Ralph about real life in a fantasy world. I started reading the book and became a very quick and very rabid fan, and it became really important to me to make sure we were doing these books justice.I found myself in an opportunity to sit down with the creatives and chat about what we love about these books and I came away from that meeting very sure that these were the people I wanted to tell this story with.

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The author explains: “When they cast Arjun, I didn’t get it. “And I’m honoured that he’s a fan of what I’ve done. I don’t think the Penny I’ve created is as different as the Penny he created.

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