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The pair have released eight studio albums and numerous EPs.

Their eighth album, Love You to Death, was released on June 3, 2016.

--are still every bit the outspoken activists they've been for most of their 13-year career.

That outspokenness includes the currently front-burner issue of marriage equality.

They grow up in the northeast corner, a more racially diverse and lower income part of the city.It’s our job as artist to make the change as pleasurable as possible. It’s about finessing them so that before people ask themselves if they’re okay with it, they’re finding themselves really enjoying it.That’s a skill set we’ve built over our entire career and we can now work with people who can help us change without alarming anyone."I think Sara showed signs of anxiety in more extroverted ways, like asthma and hypochondria, after the divorce," Tegan writes. I'm glad they made us, but living apart was best for us all."I was very extroverted with my anxiety as well but it came as a need to please everyone. I believe divorce is normal and just part of what happens when two people fall out of love. That being said, when you're 4 it feels very personal and very life-shattering.

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