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This system supports all 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processors, dual-channel DDR400 memory, SATA RAID 150, PAT-enhanced memory performance, a ton of overclocking features, and lots more!Recent updates to the SB75G2 include a beefier 250w Silent X power supply, upgraded mosfets, and Prescott support. Thermaltake Silent Boost K8 CPU cooler on 3DXtreme. Prometeia Mach II vapour phase-change cooler on Driver Heaven.

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Page 1: Introduction Page 2: Specifications Page 3: Packaging & Accessories Page 4: Outside of the SB75G2Page 5: Inside of the SB75G2Page 6: SB75G2 BIOSPage 7: Overclocking Page 8: Test Setup & Benchmarks Used Page 9: Benchmarks: Sysmark 2002Page 10: Benchmarks: SPEC View Perf 7.0Page 11: Benchmarks: SPEC View Perf 7.0 (cont)Page 12: Benchmarks: Si Soft Sandra Page 13: Benchmarks: 3DMark2001 SE, Quake III Arena Page 14: Benchmarks: Unreal Tournament 2003Page 15: Conclusion Home: EXTREME Overclocking Home Page Forums: Visit The EXTREME Overclocking Forums For More Info And Help!

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Shuttles most-advanced Socket478-based small form factor (SFF) computer, the SB75G2.

Built from the ground up provide uncompromised performance, this XPC is an excellent choice for gamers and enthusiasts.

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